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Are you searching for luggage storage near you? Italy is ideal for strolling the streets on foot or exploring on a scooter. But you won't be able to get around the cobbled streets of Italian cities like the locals with bulky luggage.

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In Naples, Vesuvius looms in the east, the fumaroles of Campo Flegrei hiss and vaporize in the west, and the island of Capri floats like a ghost on the sparkling waters of the bay.

For all the splendor and drama of this natural setting, one of Italy’s most intense urban concoctions is the real show.

Naples Central Station Luggage Storage

Naples has so many sensations that it takes a while for visitors to know what struck them. Everything seems a little more intense in Italy’s third largest city, the southern capital.

Dark, menacing alleyways open onto palm-fringed squares. Apartment blocks littered with laundry stand side by side with large mansions. Medieval churches and castles rise above the grid of streets laid out by the ancient Greeks.

Needless to deny it, parts of the city are run down, yet in its museums there is an embarrassment of riches. It seems that most of life here transpires on the streets, so you will witness many very different happenings.

The pace can be leisurely in that Southern, surprisingly frenetic way. When taken in—in a meal, at an “apassegiata” as the Neapolitans say, or just a simple transaction—you’ll notice the warmth, general good character, and sense of fun.

You may have gotten the idea from reading about the city here, but you won’t really understand it until you experience this fascinating, bewildering and alluring city for yourself.

The Bust of Pulcinella, Piazza dei Martiri, the Statue of the God Nile, the Bronze Horses, the Obelisk of San Gennaro, the Cavaliere di Toledo are just some examples of the art and history that you will find in Naples.

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Guide to the Luggage Storage in Naples Central Station

Whether you’re Italian or you’re a tourist doing a tour of the Bel Paese, the fastest way to reach Naples is definitely with the high-speed train, which allows you to get directly to the Central Station.

Being a tourist city, your visit to Naples will be characterized by long (but very interesting) walks along the streets of the city. Imagine taking an excursion to Mount Vesuvius and having to carry your suitcase with you.

For this reason you will have to travel light and, if necessary, rely on a luggage storage service at the Central Station.

Another great advantage is represented by the security of a service of this type. Naples, like all major tourist destinations, can be unsafe and thefts are commonplace. By entrusting yourself to a luggage storage service, and consequently not carrying your suitcases with you, you will be sure not to run into experiences that could ruin your holiday.

The best choice in the industry: Stasher

If you usually visit different cities for leisure and have already entrusted yourself to a luggage storage service, you will know that the quality of the same can change a lot, depending on the company you are using.

Our research, and our field tests, have led us to definitively recommend Stasher, probably the most used and widespread luggage storage service in the world.

Read on to learn about the strengths that make Stasher a point of reference for the entire industry.

Reliability and customer focus

When you’re on vacation the last thing you want to do is discuss contractual details or poor service.

For this reason, Stasher immediately decided to offer its customers a reliable service, which did not include many of the limitations highlighted in the contracts of its competitors; in particular, limits related to the size of luggage to be deposited and the number.

This attention to the customer also translates into an impeccable customer service active 24 hours a day, always ready to solve your problem and need.

Any particular request you request will be fully satisfied by a personalized offer.

How to book

The reservation of the service must obviously be made before arriving in the city. The procedure is done online. It’s fast and safe.

In a few simple steps you will have booked your service and you can go to Naples without any worries.

In the event that something should happen that makes your trip impossible, don’t worry. Unlike many other competitors, Stasher guarantees the possibility of requesting a full refund of the amount paid at the time of booking. So you won’t have to pay penalties or anything else.

Other Luggage Storage services in Naples

In Naples there are also other luggage storage services. In particular, let’s discover Bags Center and BagMeDo together.

Bags Center

Bags Center is a left luggage service located in the historic center of Naples, in via San Gregorio Armeno, 14. The left luggage service is open until 9.00 pm. If you want more information on their timetables and rates, you can call the following number: 347 554 0754.


BagMeDo is a luggage storage service affiliated with Kipoint, a Poste Italiane company. In turn, Poste Italiane is in charge of managing the left luggage service at the Naples station.

The left luggage service at the station costs 6 euros per day if you book with BagMeDo, and 7 euros if you book with Kipoint.

You can also find BagMeDo luggage storage points in the historic center of Naples. For more information on the opening hours, which depend on the different depository operators, you can contact

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