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Are you searching for luggage storage near you? Italy is ideal for strolling the streets on foot or exploring on a scooter. But you won't be able to get around the cobbled streets of Italian cities like the locals with bulky luggage.

Luggage Storage with Stasher

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Store your luggage with Stasher and make the most of your day. Milan is often rated as one of the best places to visit in Northern Italy and with good reason… There is plenty to do!

The city is internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading fashion capitals, but is also brimming with interesting museums and things to see and do.

Baggage Storage at Milan Station

Milan offers all the advantages of a large city, but is relatively small compared to large European capitals, making it perfect to visit, as tourists can walk to most of the city’s attractions and museums.

Some of the city’s finest attractions include the Milan Cathedral , an impressive opera house, a striking castle, ancient churches, and a wide variety of museums and art galleries.

For those who also want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you can hire a car or take the train to one of northern Italy’s most beautiful landscapes, the Italian lakes. Its green hills and crystal clear lakes make it a perfect summer destination.

Today, Milan offers a harmonious mix of modern and traditional. The city is filled with historic art and architecture, modern skyscrapers, high-end fashion, green spaces, and mouthwatering Italian cuisine. All these factors are valid reasons to add the city to your wish list in Italy.

Well connected globally, Milan is the perfect destination for a weekend or short break.
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Guide to the Luggage Storage at Milan Station

Milan Central Station allows you to arrive comfortably in the city center by train, just 3 km from the Duomo.

City life is very hectic. For this reason, we recommend that you travel very light and adapt to the pace of the Milanese. A left luggage service at the central station is certainly your greatest ally.

Do you really need a luggage storage service?

The answer is undoubtedly a big YES. You can’t think of walking the streets of Milan with a large suitcase in tow. Although nowadays trolleys are made in such a way as to be very easy to handle, they remain a major impediment if, for example, you have to take the subway.

For this reason, if you realize that you have miscalculated and that you have brought one too many bags with you, our dispassionate advice is to rely on a luggage storage service at Milan Central Station, the most common point of arrival for all the tourists who visit the city every year.

The best service in our opinion: Stasher

We have tried so many luggage storage services but the best is undoubtedly Stasher. The reasons that led us to this conclusion are listed below.

A few lines will suffice to understand the great differences between Stasher and its main competitors, which make it the best left luggage service at Milan Station.

But no more talk. Read on to find out why this service is so popular.

Impeccable and fully insured service

The greatest danger in large cities like Milan, especially in the vicinity of the station, are undoubtedly thieves and pickpockets.

A moment before you are calm that you are deciding where to go as your first attraction, a moment later they have stolen a bag that may be very precious.

It is also for this reason that a luggage storage service like the one offered by Stasher is highly recommended. Your bags will be kept in a completely safe way and there will be no chance of them being stolen or even damaged.

In case something should happen, it will clearly trigger the insurance and you won’t have lost any money

Company reliability

Stasher is probably the best luggage storage service in the world. You will have the opportunity to rely on professionals in the sector, competent and able to respond quickly to your every need.

These aspects are fundamental because, always remember, you will be dealing with them in a moment, the holidays, in which you should enjoy every moment. Finding yourself having to discuss trivial details for some small print on the contract is definitely an experience you don’t want to have.

Possibility of refund in case of problems

It’s certainly not the first thing you think about when you book a holiday, but the unexpected can always happen. You could get sick or maybe change your mind at the last minute.

Unfortunately, more often than not, you will even be asked for a penalty for non-deposit. With Stasher none of this will happen. Otherwise, you will be fully refunded the cost of the reservation.

Online booking

The service can be booked directly online in a few simple steps. All you have to do is select the deposit days and the times in which you will deliver your suitcases and collect them at the end of your holiday.

Simple, fast and secure.

The cost of the service

The cost of a service like the one we have described on this page is absolutely negligible. It is only 6 euros per day. A figure that we can afford, above all given the great advantages that we have highlighted in this guide to left luggage services at Milan Station.

Not just the Central Station

On this page we talked about the left luggage service at Milan Central Station, but it is obviously not the only left luggage point offered by Stasher. Below is a list of all the deposit points that you can find and use in Milan.

  • Luggage storage near the Milan Cathedral
  • Luggage storage near the Pinacoteca di Brera
  • Luggage storage near Milan Central Station
  • Luggage storage near the San Siro stadium
  • Luggage storage near La Scala Theater
  • Luggage storage near the Castello Sforzesco
  • Luggage storage near the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie
  • Luggage storage near the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio
  • Luggage storage near the Milan Triennale
  • Left luggage near the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
  • Luggage Storage near via Montenapoleone
  • Luggage storage near Palazzo Pirelli
  • Luggage storage near Parco Sempione
  • Left luggage near the Royal Palace
  • Luggage storage near the Navigli

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