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Are you searching for luggage storage near you? Italy is ideal for strolling the streets on foot or exploring on a scooter. But you won't be able to get around the cobbled streets of Italian cities like the locals with bulky luggage.

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A trip to Florence is an experience that deserves to be lived at least once in a lifetime, as it is one of the cultures of the Renaissance and a city full of life and ferment.

Luggage Storage Florence Santa Maria Novella

A photo in Ponte Vecchio is a must, with the Arno as a frame and tells the legends of the place, or a visit to the numerous artisan jewelery shops, where you can discover some precious and original object to take home as a magnificent souvenir.

Again, the Boboli Gardens with their luxuriant and rigorous vegetation, the historic center with the Church of Santa Maria Novella and the many domes that characterize the skyline of the place.

A visit to the Uffizi is suggestive , where you can admire some of the masterpieces of the greatest artists of past centuries, just as the food and wine offer is incomparable, characterized by traditional first courses and a succulent Florentine steak to wash down with excellent Chianti.

The ingredients for a memorable stay are all there, just a few precautions are missing to be able to experience a moment of discovery but also of comfort and convenience.

In this article we have therefore decided to recommend the best luggage storage currently located in the center of Florence, where you can leave your personal belongings peacefully while waiting for your accommodation to be ready or even if you are just passing through and want to move freely and without constraints.

Stasher is a network that extends all over the world and has been able to win the favor of customers with an excellent all-round service and an affordable price all year round.

So let’s see why opt for this solution compared to competitors and what are the advantages offered to the traveler.

Not simple lockers but a real deposit for all types of luggage

The first point that needs to be underlined is how Stasher distances itself from the classic lockers, which in the last period have taken the name of lockers but which often turn out to be unsuitable for storing certain types of luggage inside.

We are talking about a solution that has been present in stations for years, which however has a rather high hourly and daily cost and has therefore now been replaced by other depots capable of ensuring better fares, superior security and above all no constraints in terms of space and weight.

The idea of ​​abandoning your suitcase or a bag with precious contents for a few hours should no longer create a sense of anguish and worry, which prevents you from visiting the place in the right spirit.

You will have the possibility of entrusting everything to real experts in the sector, who take care of the objects and keep them for as long as necessary, without making you spend a fortune and guaranteeing a modern and smart service.

Furthermore, the location is decidedly convenient, as the depot is located a stone’s throw from the Santa Maria Novella station, therefore you can leave your luggage quickly and immediately start discovering the wonders enclosed in one of the pearls of our country, from the point of artistic, cultural and food and wine view.

Our review of the Stasher luggage storage in Santa Maria Novella in Florence

After having tried numerous luggage storage facilities around the world but also in the city of Florence itself, we have come to the conclusion that Stasher is the best under various points of view.

A point in its favor is certainly the logistics, which make it easily reachable from the local railway junctions, in this case from the Santa Maria Novella station which is right nearby.

The service also has other positive aspects, which we will list in detail below.

Security and control day and night

The fear of all travelers who leave their luggage in storage is that of not finding the suitcase on return, because it is the victim of theft or casual exchange.

Inside there are often not only personal belongings, but also all the memories that have accumulated during the trip and that you want to take home to keep track of them.

With Stasher you will no longer have to think about any of these eventualities, as there is a surveillance service day and night, 24 hours a day, not only by the cameras, but also by the trained and professional staff.

No movement escapes the gaze of the staff, who take care of scrupulously verifying every bequest or withdrawal to avoid unpleasant inconveniences.

However, if the imponderable should happen, an insurance compensation of 1000 euros is foreseen for the customer, who will thus see the contents of his luggage reimbursed if taken by mistake by other people or stolen illegally.

The dated lockers that occupied the stations in the past decades never offered this guarantee, as no one assumed responsibility for the contents left behind and any problems that arose would leave the customer dissatisfied and without a suitcase.

Have you booked but can’t leave your luggage anymore? No problem, Stasher will refund you

Many companies operating on the Italian territory have a very strict policy when it comes to booking and cancellation, considering the former binding.

Therefore, taking the credit card as a guarantee, double the expected amount is withdrawn if the person does not show up, causing economic damage to the customer.

Stasher, on the other hand, is one of the few companies that tries to meet the needs of the traveler and understands how unexpected events can occur that prevent the honoring of the reservation.

Therefore, while requesting payment by credit card, this is returned in full if the service cannot be used and refunded to the same account within a few days.

The customer thus feels protected and not penalized if he has objective problems, returning more willingly the next time to request the services of a transparent company with flexible rules, which follow common sense and the needs that can suddenly arise during a trip .

Oversized baggage? Stasher has no size limits

The lockers present in the station are problematic not only from the point of view of the tariffs and the lack of an insurance guarantee, but also as regards the baggage and its location.

The spaces are not very large and in the case of large luggage the problem arises.

The same happens for a large number of suitcases, since it is necessary to pay a double or triple service, spending a much higher amount than expected.

Stasher, on the other hand, does not place any type of constraint on the customer and whatever the size of the suitcase or the number of pieces of luggage, they are welcomed at a reduced and often discounted rate, relying on the periodic promotions promoted.

Weight isn’t a problem either, so you can load your bag as much as you want and buy many souvenirs to take home, you won’t have any extra charge.

In our opinion, this is the best advantage, because the traveler doesn’t have to stress about making calculations or taking measurements.

Courteous and qualified staff

Being able to interface with the human staff is a real advantage, since any small or large account problem can be handled more quickly, relieving the customer of stress in the face of a rather low payment.

Our staff is trained to guarantee customers a comfortable and trouble-free service, accompanying you from the time of booking to collecting your luggage at the end of your walk in Florence.

You will always find an attendant waiting for you who will control entries and exits, making it virtually impossible for theft or loss to occur, including careless exchanges that can generate uncomfortable misunderstandings, especially if the minutes are running out with the train timetable and you have to return at home.

One of the aspects that we most appreciated about Stasher is its organization, given by a mix of professional teams and locations suitable for providing a top-level service, organized down to the smallest detail.

Baggage protection

In addition to preventing your luggage from being stolen, Stasher staff ensure its safety.

How many times has it happened to leave it in a deposit and find it torn or with the closure no longer working?

This is a big problem if you have to return to your home by taking the train, but with Stasher you will be sure to pick up your suitcase in exactly the condition in which it was left, as the control is strict and safety standards respected in detail .

The cost of a day of luggage storage at Stasher

Compared to its competitors, Stasher offers a decidedly discounted rate, which involves paying only 6 euros a day for a whole day.

There are no time limits or constraints for release or collection, you will just have to select a time that is convenient for you to be able to explore the beauties of Florence, modulating the deposit with the visits you intend to make.

As seen, the service is extremely flexible and tries to meet the customer’s needs as much as possible, satisfying his every wish.

Why is it convenient to use a luggage storage?

Given the location inside the station, the inexperienced traveler could be led to use the classic lockers, which however have the previously mentioned limitations in terms of space and tariffs.

Instead, let’s see what are the advantages of a luggage storage, which is located near the train station and is therefore logistically just as convenient.

Possibility to go around the city

Wandering around the alleys of Florence could be very uncomfortable with luggage in tow, therefore resorting to a luggage storage is extremely convenient from the point of view of freedom of movement.

You will not have to worry, on your return you will find your suitcases exactly in the state in which you left them, ready to await you for collection.

Avoid theft

A serious luggage storage has a day and night surveillance service, so it is almost impossible for your luggage to be stolen and, in any case, you can get compensation of up to a thousand euros.

Furthermore, by not carrying bags and backpacks around, you limit the possibility of muggings, which are unfortunately the order of the day in some city centers of major Italian cities.

Less stress and more adventure, this is the spirit of Stasher and the service it intends to provide to the customer.

Try Stasher and turn it into your trusted store!

Once you have tried the Stasher service, you will never be able to go back, because you will feel satisfied in all your needs and followed step by step by the courteous and reliable staff, who will take care of checking your bags from deposit to collection.

The keywords of its philosophy are flexibility, versatility and savings, guaranteeing discounted and constant rates every day of the year, 24 hours a day, without making any difference in time slots.

Book from the website and select the time that is most convenient for you, thus being able to plan the perfect trip!

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